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"I couldn't have asked for a better service than what was delivered here. The entire crew was very helpful in making sure I understood everything, and went out of their way to go that extra mile." - Richard Varney, Shrewsbury, PA

Electricity is a vital resource we often take for granted. And when a power outage occurs, we're quickly reminded of how much we rely on electricity throughout our daily life.

A residential standby generator from Innovative Energy Systems (IES) provides the electricity you need to ensure your home and family's safety, security and protection. Permanently installed outdoors, residential standby generators automatically come on when the electricity fails.

Innovative Energy Systems offers several brands of residential standby generators from leading manufacturers and each have several models and sizes to choose from. Residential standby generators operate using your home's existing fuel, whether natural gas or LP.

Contact IES for more information or request a free standby generator selection guide. A residential standby generator from Innovative Energy Systems will keep your home and family safe and secure... despite what Mother Nature has in store.