IES residential backup generators are permanently installed outdoors, much like an air-conditioning unit, and operate using your home’s existing fuel source. Our IES generators include an automatic transfer switch, battery charger and distribution panel. With several brands and models to choose from, IES is your premier resource for residential backup generators.

The automatic transfer switch is the brain of our IES generator systems. It continually monitors the utility power for any interruption. If power fails, the transfer switch automatically starts the residential backup generators, transfers the critical electrical load and restores power to your home. When utility power resumes, the transfer switch automatically reverses the process… whether you’re home or away.

Home generator costs are a lot less than you may think. An IES generator can save your home from a flooded basement and damaged walls, but more importantly, it can save all your family belongings that are stored away. Nothing can replace the memories lost once they have suffered water damage.

Keep your family safe and comfortable. Check out the brands of residential backup generators we offer. As Maryland’s Backup Generator Specialists, we guarantee to provide you the best in quality and service.