Cat® Olympian Residential Standby Generators Systems

OLYMPIAN Generators

Models Available:
 25kW • 45kW • 75kW • 100kW
For larger models, please email us.

Brought to you by Alban Cat and IES, Cat® Olympian generators aren’t just for industrial applications or multi-unit housing developers anymore. They are now designed to meet the needs of single-family homeowners.

No Longer a Luxury
Olympian generators are no longer just residential generators for large estates. With computers, entertainment systems, security alarms, well pumps, air-conditioners, freezers and numerous other appliances, homes depend heavily on reliable power. In addition, in-home health care is causing an essential need for medical backup generator systems. With commercial-grade Olympian generators, you can rest easy knowing that your generator is going to work, even when the power doesn't.

Quality Product, Quality Service
Olympian generators Caterpillar provide affordable, dependable standby power for homeowners in a wide range of income brackets. Service from Innovative Energy Systems ensures reliable performance through any utility power failure. Advantages of Caterpillar Olympian generators include:

  • Choice of natural gas, liquid propane or diesel units
  • Safe installation according to local electrical codes
  • Sound attenuation for quiet running in rural subdivisions or urban neighborhoods
  • Enclosures designed to "blend in," with mufflers mounted inside, and more than 200 paint colors available
  • Sure-fire automatic startup
  • Planned maintenance programs to ensure reliability

For more information about Olympian generators for home standby power, please contact us.

Models start at 25kW