Product Description

Since 1920, Cummins has been a respected leader in power generation equipment. Their products set the standard in recreational vehicles, marine, military and commercial applications. Cummins is a global organization dedicated solely to generating serious power and serving it.

Taking what they learned from the commercial setting, Cummins now offers a full line of residential standby generators starting at 12kW. With vivid memories of widespread power outages, Cummins realized the need for an emergency generator in Maryland and the surrounding area. From the most basic backup for a summer home to a comprehensive power source of residential generators for large estates, a Cummins system is right for you.

Cummins continues to make power systems that are affordable and easy to install. Some factors to consider when purchasing your generator include: Size of the home, wattage requirements, installation and individual preferences such as full house or emergency use, care-free maintenance and local climate.

How it works
All residential standby generators require a natural gas or liquid propane connection at an outdoor location. Although a home standby system requires professional installation, once installed, your Cummins Onan generator is virtually automatic. The generator’s job is to generate power when it’s told to; those instructions come from the automatic transfer switch. Within ten seconds of a power failure event, the transfer switch takes your home off of its main power supply and “transfers” it to the auxiliary power provided by the standby generator. The distribution panel then distributes that power to the preselected appliances and lights that you’ve designated for emergency use.

Models start at 12kW.